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How do you, as a prospective Weimaraner owner, go about finding a Responsible Breeder? The best answer is, ask a lot of questions, do your homework and take your time! Don't buy on impulse. Becoming an informed shopper increases the likelihood of a successful dog/owner relationship. Contact the WCA Breeder Referral to find a responsible breeder in your area:

Weimaraner Club of America Breeder Referral -
Phone: 513-688-0943

Finding a Responsible breeder
There are many characteristics that identify a responsible breeder. Please find below a few of those listed:
   • They personally screen and select homes, will mentor and advise new owners, will sell only to approved homes. They value their reputation within the breed community.
   • Evaluate the health of the dam and sire before breeding including health tests available such us OFA (hip x-ray certification), Penn-Hipp (hip joint laxity), CERF, etc. Evaluate the temperament, structure and prey drive of sire and dam and puppies.
   • Be involved in show and performance events to help ensure that their dogs display the desired physical and behavioral traits desired for the breed.
   • Raise their litters with much planning, quality care and socialization.
   • Be willing to take back a dog of their breeding at any time in the dogs life regardless of the reason.